Web based Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

Billers save money and speed cash flow by using Invoice Cloud to seamlessly move away from paper invoices and checks to electronic bills and payments. Payers have 24/7 access to online bills and flexible payment options including all major credit/debit cards and eCheck. We partner with business software developers, software resellers and integrators and our partnerships pay.


Biller Benefits with Invoice Cloud:
Customers can "Go Paperless" which lowers costs by reducing paper, postage and the labor associated with paper invoicing
Improves cash flow by making it easy for customers to pay bills online with credit/debit cards and electronic checks.
Improves customer communications by providing customizable email notification and message management.
Reduces customer service expense because past invoice and payment history available to customers and Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) 24/7
Completely secure and compliant systems relieve billers of any need to store sensitive customer payment information
Plus, it’s good for the environment as several hundred thousand trees are harvested each year to support paper invoicing in the US alone, not to mention the related energy and pollution costs.


Partner Benefits with Invoice Cloud:
Our partners work in the [Invoice] Cloud to optimize the fit for their customers, thereby expanding their existing relationships while forging new ones.
Partners see how well it works for some of their customers and bring it to all of them.
Our partners enhance their customer relationships by bringing an innovative web based solution that not only saves and makes money – it also feels good to go green!
Invoice Cloud refers new business to partners for implementation and support
Partners continue to support and enhance the Invoice Cloud value proposition
Partners share in the financial rewards of this cost saving, cash enhancing initiative with continuous residual revenue for each invoice presented and transaction run through the platform.

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