The City of Santa Ana

PREP Accounts

Please fill in all information below to begin the process of submitting your payment.  Once complete please click on the continue button at the bottom. 
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No transaction fees will be charged for payments made via credit card or electronic check.  A $25.00 Return Check Fee will be charged for all returned checks.  And a $35.00 Return Check Fee for any subsequent returned check. 

 Important Notice: The amount to pay can be found by referring to the Notice of Rental Housing Inspection Fee Due billing statement that you have received.  The amount due is printed on your notice. Any underpayment may result in the assessment of penalty and interest charges on any unpaid balance remaining due. Please verify you have entered the correct Payment Amount and Fee Account Number before continuing forward.

 If payment in full is not received by the due date, please reference the notice for the Penalty and Interest table and include the late charges in the payment total.